Build a small business for families in Cambodia

With all the challenges facing the world today, what we need more than anything is to see a better tomorrow – not just for ourselves, but for our fellow human beings around the world. What could be more precious than a gift that can help deliver self-reliance, independence, and hope for children and their families? … Read more

Pathways to Employment, Cambodia

Build up essential qualifications after formal education for paid employment.This program in the area of Battambang has been supported by BASAID for several years now. It isrun by our local partner NGO Children’s Future International. The program provides professionalinternships, an internship stipend, soft skills and vocational training.After finishing school, young adults stand little chances to … Read more

Success Program for children in primary school, Cambodia

Ensure 250 children can participate in education by removing financial barriers for the 22/23 turn. BASAID has supported this program for several years now. The local NGO CFI (Children Future International) runs the project as part of their education campaign. The project focuses on providing practical support to children to enable them to attend school. … Read more

Orphan schooling support in Tsevie, Togo

In Tsevie, a city of about 60,000 inhabitants located 35 kilometers from Lomé, many workers live due to theproximity to the mining region (phosphate zone). Due to the high number of HIV/AIDS cases, the number oforphans is quite high, and every year 70% of the orphans have to leave school because their host familiesdo not … Read more

Water well with solar pump and storage tank in Ando Kpegbè, Togo

In Ando Kpegbè, a village about 60 km from Lomé, the inhabitants have no access to fresh water becausethere is no river nearby. After rains, the villagers build ditches to catch the water that runs off. However,when the rains stop, they have to go to the neighbouring village 6 km away to fetch water at … Read more

Medical Equipment for Taweta Dispensary

The St. Maria Consolata Dispensary in Taweta is the most important health facility in the remote region and serves over 7,000 patients from the surrounding villages. The hospital is visited daily by an average of 30 patients and about 7 pregnant women. The second closest health facility is in Mlimba, several hours away by car … Read more