Orphan schooling support in Tsevie, Togo

In Tsevie, a city of about 60,000 inhabitants located 35 kilometers from Lomé, many workers live due to theproximity to the mining region (phosphate zone). Due to the high number of HIV/AIDS cases, the number oforphans is quite high, and every year 70% of the orphans have to leave school because their host familiesdo not … Read more

Water well with solar pump and storage tank in Ando Kpegbè, Togo

In Ando Kpegbè, a village about 60 km from Lomé, the inhabitants have no access to fresh water becausethere is no river nearby. After rains, the villagers build ditches to catch the water that runs off. However,when the rains stop, they have to go to the neighbouring village 6 km away to fetch water at … Read more

Medical Equipment for Taweta Dispensary

The St. Maria Consolata Dispensary in Taweta is the most important health facility in the remote region and serves over 7,000 patients from the surrounding villages. The hospital is visited daily by an average of 30 patients and about 7 pregnant women. The second closest health facility is in Mlimba, several hours away by car … Read more

Green House and nutrition support for children, Mongolia

Due to severe climatic conditions, Mongolia has difficulties in cultivating fresh vegetables all around the year. The cultivation period for fresh vegetables that supply vitamins, dietary fibers and micronutrient last only for few months (usually during May to September). BASAID will provide funding for construction of the greenhouse at one of the Magic Mongolia centers … Read more

Apartments repair for children with special needs, Vietnam

Village Chance consists of a primary school for disadvantaged children, a kindergarten, special classes for children with mental disabilities and 33 apartments specially designed for wheelchair users. Heavy rainfalls in alternation with heat waves have severely damages the roof tiles causing leaks and water seeping into the ceiling and walls of many classrooms and beneficiaries … Read more

Vocational training center for health care providers, Laos

This is the continuation of the project started in BASAID will fund the training of qualified medical staff in the province of Attapeu to supporttheir professional certifications as requested by central authorities. The project aims to contribute to the improvement of health services in the province. It aims to support the school to obtain the … Read more