Solar Power for Clinics in Asubonsu, Nkujua, Birem and Issaka and teachers’ accommodations in Esereso and Asasebonsu, Ashanti Development, Ghana


Clinics in rural areas of Ghana treat up to 200 people a month but many do not offer healthcare at night and if they do, they risk making mistakes because of inadequate lighting. Additionally, medical staff and teachers often refuse postings where there is no electricity. Based on direct requests from several clinics and villages the project aims to provide solar power to 4 clinics at Asubonsu, Nkujua, Birem and Issaka and 2 teachers’ accommodation in Asasebonsu (350 students) and Esereso (230 students). The latter school has been closed for some months because they could not find teachers.

Due to the increase in prices, only a reduced number of solar panels could be purchased. Nkujua and Asubonsu clinics were chosen to be equipped with electricity with the amount available in 2023. The installation was successful and it will provide the electricity needed to perform critical health care deliveries to over 20’000 people within the area.

Project Overview

Project Year
Asubonsu, Nkujua, Birem and Issaka
Aid type
Education, Healthcare
1 year
BASAID contribution
8800 CHF
Local contribution
Local partners
Ashanti Development