Repair of the school for disadvantaged children, Vietnam


The Village Chance center consists of a primary school for disadvantaged children, a kindergarten, special needs classes for children with mental disabilities and 33 apartments specially designed for wheelchair users. The village also includes a swimming pool for therapeutic purposes, a bakery workshop and a restaurant for vocational trainings and employment creation. After nearly ten years of use, Village Chance is now home to 103 social-reintegrated beneficiaries, around 250 disadvantaged pupils and 30 staffs. In the last few decades, average temperatures in Southeast Asia have constantly risen. Vietnam is among countries in the world most affected by the climate change. The nation has continuously experienced many extreme weather events such as heavy rainfalls or heat waves, as well as typhoons. At Village Chance, torrential rains accompanied by strong winds have severely damaged the roof tiles. Excessive rainfalls often overflow gutter systems. Moreover, under the repeated cycle of heat and humidity, the lining at gutter joints, as well as the coating between roof and walls is removed, causing leaks and water seeping through the ceiling and walls of many classrooms and wheelchair accessible apartments. The leak situation, the high humidity and mold exposure are becoming more and more severe, shortening the durability of building materials and affecting therefore the security, health, and quality of life of more than 380 people living, learning and working at Village Chance including disabled residents, disadvantaged pupils and Maison Chance’s staff. The repairing of the Village Chance’s infrastructures and buildings against the global warming’s impacts are therefore very urgent. Basaid funding contributed to repairing of badly damaged Village Chance’s infrastructures and buildings.

Project Overview

Project Year
Viet Nam
Ho Chi Minh City
Aid type
1 year
BASAID contribution
12000 CHF
Local contribution
Project coordination, regular monitoring and maintenance
Local partners
Maison Chance /