School material and birth certificates in 10 villages, Togo


In Togo, schools are located in cities or villages which are easily accessible by car.  Children growing up in remote villages need to travel long distances (at least 5 km or more on foot) to go to school.  In order to protect their children and ensure an education several village communities are organizing themselves in creating their own school in the village. The main objective of this project is to support the villages with materials such as books, chalk boards, and other teaching materials to establish the local village schools for their children. In addition, in order to allow some male and female pupils to have a legal and official existence the project will help with the establishment of birth certificates.
Feedback from Togo: 
The 100 birth certificates were issued and given to the parents. This allowed the 100 girls selected to take part in the exams. Without birth certificate students are denied access to exam rooms. It was a great success that 83 of the 100 girls were able to pass their exams (compared to 60% last year) and will continue school this year. The other 17 will be able to take their exams again this year. A mother very happy that her daughter can now freely take an exam and go to college broke down in tears in the words “Thank you so much for thinking of us! I myself have not been to school because of poverty and lack of resources; I am relieved that my daughter will have the opportunity to go far in her studies and support us in the future. Thank you for everything!”

The new academic year began at the end of October despite the pandemic. Five schools in the south of Togo in the Lakes region at Anfoin and five schools in the Zio region at Agbélouvé were equipped with books, geometric instruments and chalk boxes. These books can be used for as long as possible and AR will ensure that they are used in good use. They are intended for schools and not for students personally.

All the children of the different villages, parents of students, teachers and ourselves The Acteurs Réunis tell you AKPE AKPE AKPE LOOOOO !

Project Overview

Project Year
10 villages
Aid type
1 year
BASAID contribution
15500 CHF
Local contribution
Dorfschule, Bänke, Lehrer
Local partners
Acteurs Reunis