Economic and social empowerment of women, Bolivia

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This is the first project from Huellas & Futuro Foundation that is supported by BASAID. Huellas & Future is a non-profit organization whose aim is to provide effective actions and programs for human and social development in  underserved communities in the region of Cochabamba.

The main objective of this project is to implement a process of production and marketing of flours from grains with high nutritional value; such as tarwi, bean, lentil and chickpea. In total, 120 women from Cochabamba, who are victims of violence, will receive technical training in the production and marketing of flours and wholegrain foods. After their training 6 women will have a permanent job in the flour industry.

With the support of Huellas & Futuro and Cochabamba Federation of Private Entrepreneurs the other women will either have a job in the gastronomy business or will start their own businesses. This will allow them to become selfsufficient and will also contribute to a community fund to promote 20 female farmers to achieve sustainable and comprehensive agricultural development in the Department of Cochabamba, municipality of Tarata, Punata, Tiraque, Cliza and Arani.

Project Overview

Project Year
Latin America
Aid type
1 year
BASAID contribution
5000 CHF
Local contribution
5,000 CHF
Local partners
Huellas & Futuro Foundation /