Supply of water and provision of toilets for 1500 students, India


There is no water supply and no toilets available for the 1500 students in 5 rural high schools in Bandi Atmakur Mandal, Nandyal District, in the state of Andhra Pradesh in the Southeast part of India. As a result, the students (aged between 11 and 15 years of age) are forced to relieve themselves in the open. This is not only invasive of their privacy, but also detrimental and counterproductive to health and hygiene. 

This project, run by the NGO Chaitanya Kala Bharathi (CKB), aims to construct separate toilet complexes for girls and boys in each high school to provide these basic essential facilities to the students and to ensure personal hygiene and privacy. As a prerequisite, the school complexes need to be connected to the water supply from the Gram Panchayath water distribution system. The installation of a 2000 liter steel overhead tank in all 5 schools will ensure storage of the water for washing and for use in the toilets. An electric motor will pump the water from the distribution pipes into the tank and there will be provisions made for 4 taps on a platform for washing facilities.

The project will promote and maintain health and hygiene among the students of the 5 high schools in these rural communities. 

BASAID supports this project with 10,646 CHF

Project Overview

Project Year
Bandi Atmakur Mandal, Nandyal District, Andhra Pradesh , India
Aid type
Water & Sanitation
1 year
BASAID contribution
10646 CHF
Local contribution
Local Project Management
Local partners
Chaitanya Kala Bharathi (CKB)