Home based palliative care for cancer patients, India

In the capital, Delhi, 70% of cancer patients are diagnosed with advanced disease. The trauma is devastating once they are declared ‘beyond medical help’ and they are condemned by hospitals to spend their last days in unremitting pain and despair. Overwhelming physical and emotional burden results in the poorest quality of life for patients followed by an agonizing death and bereavement for the family.

Our partner “CanSupport” will try to fill this gap by providing a continuum of care through a multidisciplinary team comprising of a doctor, a nurse and a counsellor. This team will provide free of charge palliative care that will keep the patient pain free, functional and positively engaged until the end of their lives and will also provide support to the families.

As a first step, BASAID will provide a vehicle that will, on a daily basis, transport the core team (doctor, nurse, and counsellor) from the centre to the patients’ homes and will provide medicines, nursing supplies, medical equipment, food supplements etc. This project also aims to purchase Patient Aid Equipment to facilitate patient independence and control with daily activities.

Project Overview

Project Year
South-East District of Delhi out of a palliative care centre in Uday Park, New Delhi
Aid type
1 year
BASAID contribution
15000 CHF
Local contribution
Vor Ort Mitarbeiter
Local partners