Basaid is different

BASAID differs in many respects from other organisations that provide development aid and therefore, plays a very important role in the field.

Size of projects: Most BASAID projects are small-scale. Professional development aid organizations rarely have an interest in projects of this size, as they require relatively high effort in comparison to the amount of financial support provided. Small-scale projects, however, are often started through local initiatives and are characterized by high local engagement. These projects are, therefore highly effective and long-lasting.

Voluntary work: All engagement of BASAID members is voluntary which means that there are no salary and administration expenses. When BASAID members visit projects, they pay for all travel and accommodation costs themselves.

Support from Novartis, Syngenta and other companies: Though BASAID receives corporate support, it is completely independent in its decision-making. BASAID is trusted by Novartis, Syngenta and the “related” companies. BASAID members are permitted to use the infrastructure of the supporting companies (for example: phone, fax and email) free of charge when they engage in BASAID work.

Very low administrative costs: Due to many different forms of support, BASAID incurs almost no administrative costs, meaning that approximately 95% of every Swiss Franc donated can be used on its development aid projects.

Specialist know-how: BASAID can take advantage of the know-how and expertise of highly trained and educated specialists in the supporting companies, such as doctors, scientists, chemists, pharmacists, craftsmen and engineers, to make the best project decisions possible.

BASAID does not only wish to have an impact in developing countries but also here at home. The twice yearly BASAID bulletin informs its members on challenges and living conditions in less privileged countries, thereby supporting understanding and solidarity.