Productive courtyards, a contribution to the COVID 19 crisis, Colombia

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Implementation of productive yards to improve the living conditions of 70 families through fruit-horticultural production. The expansion of COVID-19 has generated an immense impact on the informal economy, this is the case of the families of the district of Santa Fe, Magangué, Bolivar; that due to mandatory isolation have been in uncertainty, at high rates of vulnerability and without resources to meet their basic needs. The main problem of the district is associated with the absence of alternatives for subsistence since they live from agriculture, various and/or temporary trades, and other families live from the daily sale of a service or product. However, this region has the potential for the development of orchards or productive yards as well as from there arises this initiative of the Atucsara foundation that seeks to implement productive family yards in the village of Santa Fe, using good agricultural practices to take care of natural resources (soil, air, and water), protect the health of all families that work in the yards, and Obtain safe and healthy food.

Project Overview

Project Year
Latin America
Santa Fe, Bolivar
Aid type
Agriculture, Education
1 year
BASAID contribution
9900 CHF
Local contribution
Biologisches Saatgut, Bewässerungssysteme, usw.
Local partners
Atucsara Fundation