Return, establishment and re-functioning of El Congal – Part 2, Colombia

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The inhabitants of El Congal were evacuated from their village during the civil war in Colombia. Now after peace agreement with the FARC, the inhabitants can return again. This is one of three projects carried out throughout Colombia to bring back evacuees.

First, the mines had to be removed from the military. 14 families live again locally. 17 other families live 25 km away and try to order their land in Congal from there. 27 other families are also considering coming back.

With an earlier project in 2016 and 2017, the 14 families were supported and helped to build a school and community center. This project supports the establishment of a re-functioning village community, which can also adequately represent itself to the outside and demands its rights. For all newly returning families, the fallow land must be reclaimed and supported with seed for starters. Also technical means for the further processing of the agricultural products are acquired in order to achieve better proceeds.

Project Overview

Project Reference
2018 LA 01 CO AG
Project Year
Latin America
El Congal, Departmento de Caldas
Aid type
Agriculture, Education
2 years (2018 & 2019)
BASAID contribution
45400 CHF
Local contribution
28,000 CHF
Local partners
Fundacion Apoyar /