Development of agriculture for the village of Mballam, Cameroon

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After their expulsion from the forest, the forest people could no longer subsist on hunting and gathering. As a people, they have never made the step from wild prey culture to sedentary farmers and do not know any agricultural culture developed over centuries. This project wants to enable the development of agricultural production by imparting knowledge, providing seeds and seedlings and working material. Plantations are envisaged as mixed perennial crops such as cacao and kola nut with mango, avocado, African plum and other fruit trees as well as tuber crops, plantains and beans. With sustainable agriculture, the “farmers” of Mballam could in the future make a significant contribution to feeding the villagers and cover expenses for education and basic health care through the sale of agricultural products. This project is planned as a 3-year project.

A visit in February 2021 has shown that the group is very engaged and successful. 10 hectares of forest were cleared, and cocoa planted. In 2022, the Baka cleared another 20 hectares of forest and planted bananas and cocoa. While a first cocoa harvest is expected in 2024, bananas will be harvested in November/December 2022 and in January 2023. It is the first great harvest.

Project Overview

Project Year
Aid type
3 years
BASAID contribution
11400 CHF
Local contribution
land and work
Local partners