Primary and preventive health care, Ecuador

Ecuador is the country with the highest poverty rate in Latin America, nearly 4.5 million people are poor and one out of four Ecuadorians lives on USD 87.57 per month. According to the baseline taken in August 2022 by FundaciĆ³n Sol de Primavera, 82% of family members survive on informal work, 16% are unemployed and only 2% are adequately employed. In addition, health problems are increasing, and this is one of the aspects most neglected by the state, despite the worrying fact that one third of Ecuador’s children suffer from chronic child malnutrition.

The main objective of this project is to work on primary health care with the population benefiting from the Sol de Primavera programme, who live in marginal urban districts of Quito. The programme promotes primary health care for 100 beneficiaries through partnerships with public and private institutions and volunteers. This reduces the risk of preventable diseases or deaths from catastrophic diseases

The health centre “Sol-Salud” started its activities, on April 2023, with the necessary medicines and the assistance of a professional in preventive medicine and alliances established for general medicine, dental care, ophthalmology, gynaecology, otorhinolaryngology.

Until October 2023, with the support of the doctor, 110 beneficiaries received medical care and a medical record which will be used for the respective follow-up. 60% received specialised medical care for general medicine, dental care, ophthalmology, gynaecology, otorhinolaryngology.

Project Overview

Project Year
Latin America
Aid type
One Year
BASAID contribution
15000 CHF
Local contribution
Not applicable
Local partners
Fundacion Sol de Primavera