Vocational training centre for health care providers, Laos

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The project contributes to the improvement of health services in the Attapeu Province, Laos by supporting quality education in the Vocational Health Training Centre. The teachers and administrative team lack professional experience and skills to run the training centre. During the pandemic the importance to have well-trained health staff at all levels became even more obvious.

With the support of BASAID, the trainings that are delivered at the vocational health training centre are updated according to emerging needs and the skills of the pedagogic and administrative team are strengthened. The overarching goal is for the training centre to obtain a national accreditation through the enhancement of the curriculum of the school and the consolidation of the pedagogic and administrative teams’ skills.  It will as well support equal opportunity in terms of access to education through financial and material support: renovation of essential infrastructures and construction of a library to allow students to deepen their knowledge and access resources unavailable to this day.

Project Overview

Project Year
Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Attapeu Province
Aid type
Education, Healthcare
4 years
BASAID contribution
20000 CHF
Local contribution
Local partners
Service Fraternel Entraide http://www.sfe-laos.org/