September 17 2023

In November 2022, we started collecting donations for our campaign ‘Build a small business for families in Cambodia’ – Families should be enabled to generate additional income through raising and selling chickens. Our long-standing local partner CFI (Children’s Future International) takes care and supervises the execution of this project in Battambang.
The project is running, albeit somewhat slower than expected as prior to commencement of any activities in the field , agreement from local authorities was required. This came as a surprise, but we hope that this will facilitate access to technical assistance through the agricultural authority.

Now we hope all hens feel comfortable in the new environment, and start laying eggs and incubating. Breeding in these small farms is less intense as compared to the chicken farms in our country, both in terms of race as well as feeding. It will take several months until the chickens have reached their market weight, . Thus, we have to be patient now and watch the chickens grow.