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Bulletin 1-2014 Print
Tuesday, 27 May 2014 15:26

Peter Müller signs for the graphical upgrade of our Bulletin. The changes released positive feed-backs at the General Assembly 2014. Thank you Peter.

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Bulletin Autumn 2013 Print
Tuesday, 05 November 2013 22:29

The new Bulletin with interesting articles is available.

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Report from Tomé/Togo: Vacances positives Print
Saturday, 26 October 2013 10:20

"Vacances positives" a Tomé

BASAID supported also in 2013 the "Acteurs réunis" a Tomé.

This organisation of joung students from the university organized two camps of three weeks for the local kids. BASAID contributed 4000.- Fr for logistics.

The following goals have been planned:
- Repetition of the items discussed during the passed year at school
- Discussion on the rights and obligations of the youth in the society
- Information and interchange of experiences regarding bad hygene and sexual behaviour
- Motivation to contribute personally to the development of their society

With support of the local people:
- an infant-school has been built
- SODIS, the easy system to sterilise the local water has been instructed.

"Acteurs réunis" could motivate 10 students for each camp to contribute for free to this project. The students had the opportunity to learn more regarding life in the countryside.

Last year's camps were successful: all children could step up in the higher classes and the school ranked first in the whole District.

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Progress report from Nepal Print
Thursday, 18 July 2013 11:20

BASAID supported ths Project in 2012.

The Project is titled "Children first, Contribution towards infrastructure in primary school Kathmandu".

BASAID supported this Project in 2012 with 10'000.- CHF. We are budgeting a further contribution for 2014.

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Novartis Partnership-day 2013 Print
Friday, 26 April 2013 17:51

Our contribution for Schllingsrain in Liestal

At the end only three of us were available for the renovation of the parking for bycicles.

We had to remove the roof of fiberglass and all the damaged wood. we rearranged and simplified the frame for supporting the hooks and completed the wooden support for the new roof of corrugated steel.

In the afternoon we got support from a second group of coworkers from Novartis Stein who in the morning had  improved the playing grounds close to the scool.

Sasank did a short presentation of BASAID after the excellent lunch.
We look forward to get some active support from this group for ur Bazaar in WST in November.

Thank goes to Sasank Mohanty and Peter Hunziker for the excellent support and to Schillingrain for the good preparation and excellent food.

Velostand "VOR"



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