Bringing help and hope to feed poor families in India during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the resulting lockdown, has provoked many reactions and emotions in all of us – fear, exhaustion, worry, loneliness, irritation. In rural, low-income areas of India, COVID-19 has been more than a health emergency.

Many people in Odisha, India are facing food shortages as a result of COVID-19. These are coal miners, day laborers, small craftspeople, already struggling to find decent work who have seen their chances at making a living dwindle to nothing. Their earnings have been wiped out, and government rations are inadequate to feed them.


Our BASAID for COVID-19 campaign is closed!

Existing Basaid members were contacted by email, mail and WhatsApp, while an appeal to the general public was made across social media and digital channels.

Despite their own challenging situations with the pandemic, donations poured in from over [130] generous supporters across Switzerland and the world.

After four weeks, the campaign raised CHF 31,600, enough to feed 1240 families in need for one month each – well ahead of the goal of 800. This total includes a fantastic donation of CHF 10,000 from Novartis India, for which we are extremely grateful.

BASAID contribution

Our BASAID for COVID-19 campaign wants to help feed 800 families in need. It doesn’t take much – for CHF 25, we can feed a family for a month with dry food, including basic goods such as rice, dal, potatoes, oil, salt and sugar, etc.

Local Partner

We are working with two well-established, local NGOs, Lok Kala Bikas Kendra (LBKB) and The Medics. They will support this effort on the ground, identifying families who struggle to provide food and fulfil basic needs, and then distributing food directly to them.



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