Responsible Leadership

The organisation along with the duties and powers of the various institutions within BASAID are laid down in the association’s statutes. This document (available only in German and denoted "Verantwortungsbewusste Führung") describes the common understanding of association assets, especially where precise details are not available in the associations' articles of incorporations for example relating to the project and expert groups.

As a non-profit organization committed to keeping its’ members and sponsors informed, BASAID takes due regard of and follows the principles of Good Governance. A central element of these principles is that all decisions of the association, in particular those which affect the primary goal of the association or relate to finance (e.g. our development projects) must be recorded and available retrospectively. This means that for BASAID, in addition to recording member and board meetings, relevant aspects of project and expert group meetings should also be recorded, and these records (minutes and any other relevant documentation) must be safely and systematically archived.

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