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Collection of rainwater in Congo

Collection of rainwater, hygiene and sanitation of three rural health centers in Nsumba and Sele, Congo 


The project aims to install facilities to collect and distribute rainwater which can be collected in the wet season to support three health centers. Special care is taken by a group of responsible people on treating the water to obtain drinking water quality and keeping the water free of contaminations. In addition, the health workers, patients and assimilated people are trained and sensitized regarding water, hygiene and sanitation. Existing latrines will be renovated and made operational. The project is located in the rural sites of the district Boko in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the villages Nsumba and Sele. 

BASAID contribution

5900 CHF

Local contribution


Local Partner

Promotion Nutrielle et Sanitaire (NPS) 


  • Basaid: Ursula Bodendorf


☛ Less than 5% administrative costs

☛ Over 15783 supported persons

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