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Education for refugees

Education in sewing, textile processing, processing of ginger and renovation of a building to serve as home for girls in Mokolo, Cameroon 


Cameroun villages closed to the border to Nigeria, e.g. in the Mayo-Tsanaga department, are most affected by Boko Haram attacks. Many families have lost relatives, property, or their homes. Thousands of women, men and children are traumatized and have been victims of abuse and violence. Displacement increases considerably during attacks as recently happened in Goshi Touro, which leaves this village now empty of its population. All the inhabitants have moved towards the city of Mokolo. 200 women and girls are introduced to the dyeing and sewing technology (sewing machines are available) to be able to generate an income with the sale of dyed fabrics and garments. In a second project, the required equipment and training for the processing of ginger will be provided. Ginger, which is cultivated in the Mokolo region, will be processed into powder, packed in cans for selling. A pilot project has shown that women can generate an income by selling produced ginger and become more independent. A former boarding school which has been uninhabited for years needs renovation in order to serve as a home for these refugee women and girls.

BASAID contribution

16'500 CHF

Local contribution


Local Partner

Pasteur Tchao


  • Basaid: Loretta Malmesi

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