Building peasant farms for indigene women

300 families will build a future farmer's income by providing coffee plants or chickens for their farm

Aufbau bäuerlicher Betriebe für Indigene Frauen


Basaid has already implemented a major food security project for over 1,250 families with ADSOSMHU. In the last project, home gardens for these families have been established along with the training that should make these families independent in the future.

In this new project, 300 women - indigen women from the Huista and Akatecha region - will now receive the basis for the production of chickens or coffee. They should not produce with first priority for themselvest, but build a farm that markets these products. In addition they receive not only the plants resp. the animals but also the training how to handle the plants resp. the animals and how they market their goods best.
Aufbau bäuerlicher Betriebe für Indigene Frauen

BASAID contribution

2018: 6.000 CHF,  2019: 6.000 CHF

Local contribution

18.200 CHF

Local Partner

Associación para el Desarrolo Sostenible de la Mancomunidad Huista, A. C. (ADSOSMHU)


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