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Teachers house and toilets

Teachers house and toilets for Mbamba Bay teachers to retain good teachers in Mbamba Bay in Tanzania 


Tanzania Project, a Norway-based NGO with a local board in Tanzania, supports more than 40 schools around Mbamba Bay, Lake Malawi, Tanzania. It is crucial for the success of those schools to attract and retain good teachers. One investment to do so is providing teachers’ toilets at the school and nearby houses for them and their families to live in. With 9,000 CHF we can finance one house and one toilet building with 10 stands. This will contribute to enabling children especially from poor families not only to go to school, but also obtain high quality education.

BASAID contribution

9000 CHF

Local contribution

Making bricks, bringing water and sand (parents)

Local Partner

Tanzania Project and Babu Einar's Scholarship Group (local board of Tanzania Project)


  • Basaid: Trixie Wagner

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☛ Over 15783 supported persons

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