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Health, education and community service project

Health, education and community service project for the city youth in villages in AGOTIME ADRKPO, Togo


The rural village of Agotime Adrakpo is located about 80 Km from Lome. The population is around 1500. About 600 children are in the primary school. One of the main school buildings, originally built by the local villagers, is in a state of disrepair. The main objective of this project is to repair the dilapidated school building in the village, while at the same time sensitizing the local communities about health-related issues, supporting education through tutoring, and empowering city youth to provide community service to the villages. Twenty students from Lomé University give health educations sessions, tutor the village children, and work side by side with the village community to repair the school building. The villagers benefit from the knowledge of disease prevention and treatment. The children benefit from education support and having a safe and protected classroom to facilitate learning, and the city youth benefit from a unique cultural exchange by providing community service.

BASAID contribution

8200 CHF / year

Local contribution


Local Partner

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  • Basaid: Suzanne Gajewski

☛ Less than 5% administrative costs

☛ Over 15783 supported persons

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