June 15 2018

The BASAID Board of Directors has recently announced the appointment of Adolfo Prieto as the new BASAID Finance Cashier – Treasurer, effective May 2018. Adolfo was previously BASAID Latin America Group leader

BASAID would also like to announce the appointment of two new Regional Leaders, effective May 2018.

  • Maria-José Krattinger, Leader Latin-America group. Maria Jose will maintain her former role as Events Manager in addition to this new position
  • Howard Snow, Leader Far East group. Howard has served as Far East Leader ad interim since 2017

BASAID would like to extend their thanks to the former BASAID Finance Cashier – Treasurer, Volker Schoenfeld, for his contributions to BASAID over the last years.  Without his hard work, commitment and efforts BASAID would not be as prosperous as it is today. 

The Directors of BASAID would like to wish Volker all the best for the future and jointly express their deepest gratitude for his hard work.

For more details about BASAID’s new Board of Directors please view their biographies which are attached.