If you would like to contribute to BASAID and support our valuable projects around the world, the
following options are available:
  1. You can become a member of BASAID and pay the minimum annual contribution amount of 20 CHF. Please note that 20 CHF is the minimum contribution amount, we are grateful for higher membership contributions..
  2. You can support a specific project or BASAID itself with a one-time donation.
  3. You can establish a legacy with the help of our experts, the interest of which continuously supports our projects.
  4. You can transfer the proceeds of a collection made on the occasion of anniversaries, birthdays or your retirement, to BASAID.
  5. You can help us by recruiting new members.

Our account: Postfinance

Beneficary Basaid - Verein für Basishilfe
Account number: 40-5498-6
IBAN: CH07 0900 0000 4000 5498 6


When transferring money from the EU please use as currency only Euro since bank transfers in Swiss francs are quite costly.

Become a member

Online membership applications can be made made here.

Tax exemption

Tax exemption for donations is only possible for people living in Switzerland.  For more information see tax information.
Contact us using the contact information .

☛ Currently 36 active projects

☛ Less than 5% administrative costs

☛ Over 4900 supported persons

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