Water & Sanitation

Supporting Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) activities in rural communities

WASH activities

Unterstützung von Wasser-, Sanitär- und Hygiene- (WASH)-Aktivitäten in ländlichen Gebieten


The aim of the project is to sustainably reduce food insecurity in the poorest villages of Thateng district. The first phase focused on agriculture, water, sanitation, hygiene and nutrition knowledge transfer. These activities have been carried out in a participative way, based on the needs expressed by the communities. Village Development Committees and model families have been set up. The second phase will consolidate the technical work done on agriculture, water and health and make communities resilient in these sectors. BASAID financial support will contribute to WASH activities to improve the hygiene in 12 villages.
For 2018, Basaid funds will support the construction of a gravity fed water system in a very remote village (Dakbock village) of Attapeu province. This water system will provide the villagers with a sustainable water supply in their village.

Unterstützung von Wasser-, Sanitär- und Hygiene- (WASH)-Aktivitäten in ländlichen Gebieten

BASAID contribution

first year 18,500 CHF. Total 25,600 CHF

Local contribution

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Local Partner

Service Fraternel d’Entraide (SFE)


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