Water & Sanitation

Access to safe drinking water in Andhra Pradesh

Project: Drilling 3 bore-wells including 3 motors, pipes and fittings

Trinkwasser für unterprivilegierte Dhalit und Stammesvölker


The local non-governmental organization, SPRMMM, proposes a project to provide access to safe drinking water to under-privileged Dalit people and tribal communities in Andhra Pradesh. Currently, these people collect water mixed with mud from dry river banks. The project will support the drilling of 3 bore wells in 3 Dalit and tribal hamlets and will install electric motors for ongoing water supply.
Trinkwasser für unterprivilegierte Dhalit und Stammesvölker

BASAID contribution

6.800 CHF

Local Partner

SPRMMM (Sree Padmarani Mary Mahila Mandali)


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