Water & Sanitation

Helping farmers suffering from drought

Water irrigation project continuation. Credit for 160 farmers to fund bore wells that are subsidised by the government. Project collaboration with SOVA locally

Hilfe für Bauern, die von Dürre betroffen sind


Nilagiri is mainly comprised of hills and platues with laterite being the main soil type. Nilagiri receives rain from the Monsoon; while summer is humid winter is very dry. SOVA seeks to address the issue of farmer suicides due to their inability to repay loans (as a consequence of a decreased supply of irrigational water leading to to decreased yields and decreased production).

BASAID contribution

BASAID contribution: CHF 25.000 (this amount matching the government's contribution)

Local contribution

Government contribution CHF 25,000

Local Partner

SOVA: South Orissa Voluntary Action


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