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Bridge construction

Construction of a new bridge to provide a safe link between communities in Vietnam


Hamlet 4 in Thạnh Hòa commune is a remote area of Bến Lức district of Vietnam. The landscape is crossed with a system of intertwined channels. The old Hamlet 4 bridge was narrow (about ½ meter), the deck surface was extremely sloped, and was very difficult and dangerous for the people of this hamlet to cross this bridge. Over 260 people of Hamlet 4, including 98 students,  used this bridge every day.
BASAID supported the construction of a new bridge - 22 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and capable of supporting a load of 3 tons. This new bridge will contribute to the development of the rural community of Thạnh Hòa commune, and allow safety transit for trade and safe passage to school and work.

BASAID contribution

5000 CHF

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local logistics and construction team

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