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Construction of Permanent REACH Center for autistic children in Cebu

Construction of Permanent REACH Center for autistic children


The Parents’ REACH Foundation, Inc. (PRFI) is a non-stock, non-profit foundation of parents of children with autism and other medical professionals who administer the REACH Center. PRFI plans to construct its permanent school building with upgraded facilities in a lot in Guadalupe where many of the families of the autistic children reside.  The lot available is 800 sqm and is sufficient to accommodate the existing facilities of REACH plus much more room for the planned Adolescent Program as well as open space for grounds.  There is also need for a seminar room to conduct training and seminars to parents, students and other interested persons. BASAID will contribute to the construction of the new permanent center.


BASAID contribution

first year 15,000 CHF. Total 30,000 CHF

Local contribution

land plot

Local Partner

Reach Center


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