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Planting the seeds of a better future


Life for people living in rural Huista in western Guatemala is often precarious. Recently, due to COVID-19 and other factors, the economic situation has deteriorated, and its people are now facing the real threat of famine.

The campaign, “Planting the seeds of a better future”, will provide materials, knowhow and support to local families to establish subsistence gardens. They can then start to improve their livelihoods by growing, tending and harvesting their own crops as the basis for their food needs.

Huista is an agricultural region, dedicated largely to growing coffee, and is therefore heavily dependent on the good graces of the weather. However, the area is part of what is known as the ‘Dry Corridor,’ a region of Central America that is particularly vulnerable to irregular rainfall, causing both severe droughts and flooding.

Recently, the economic situation has deteriorated, due to a fall in coffee prices, the proliferation of the disease known as coffee rust, and severe droughts. Many people in Huista were facing the real risk of famine - and the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the challenges for people living in these communities, causing high unemployment and seriously limiting the ability of families to provide food.

These donations will be used to provide the seeds, materials, knowhow and support to establish their own subsistence gardens. This would allow each family to grow nearly 440 square meters of corn and 220 square meters of beans using local, native and Creole seeds; to start 1 small family garden that includes vegetables and medicinal plants, which can be used l as crops of medicinal plants that allow families to produce their own medicines to treat disease; to plant two citrus trees (orange and lemon); and to raise of 3 fattening birds (chompipollo).

This is not a one-time donation of foodstuffs to cover an emergency. Rather, we believe that by providing the seeds, other materials and technical support, these families can start to improve their livelihoods by growing, tending and harvesting their own crops as the basis for their food needs. And a well-nourished, healthier population is the first step toward a better future in the Huista region.

BASAID contribution

With your support, BASAID raised a total amount of CHF 10.500 for Guatemalan families as part of "Planting the Seeds of a Better Future"! This will be enough to support 260 families with their own sustainable gardens. We couldn't be more proud of this impact.


20 USD will provide food to feed one adult and one child for 4 months
36 USD will buy 20 fruit trees
45 USD will buy 25 Creolian chickens
65 USD will buy bean seeds for 20 families
100 USD will produce enough food to fully feed 1 family for 5 months/year
250 USD will buy corn (maize) seeds for 100 families
500 USD will provide agro-ecological training for 25 families
1,000 USD will train 50 families on growing medicinal plants & their use

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Local Partner

Basaid is working with the Association for the Sustainable Development of the Mancomunidad Huista (ADSOSMHU), a non-profit organization whose objective is to promote the development of the area of Los Huistas. They seek to promote alternative solutions to the problems of rural and indigenous communities in the area, trying to improve the economic situation of its inhabitants, health, literacy, environment, gender equity and interculturality. ADSOSMHU will support this effort on the ground in Guatemala, using their extensive experience and expertise to provide all the materials and training needed.


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