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These are coal miners, day laborers, small craftspeople, already struggling to find decent work who have seen their chances at making a living dwindle to nothing. Their earnings have been wiped out, and government rations are inadequate to feed them.

India : BASAID for COVID19

Swadhar Home- Frauenhaus für Frauen in schwierigen Lebensbedingungen. Phase I

India : Swadhar Home- A Home for Women in Difficult Circumstances

Erweiterung eines Frauenhaus-Projektes

India : Home for homeless, mentally and physically ill destitute women

Programm für eine effektive Menstruations-Hygiene

India : Program for effective menstrual hygiene for women and adolescent girls

Erweiterung der Frauenklinik

Nepal : Extension of the gynecological clinic

Unterstützung eines Ausbildungs und Beschäftigungsprogrammes für Frauen (STEP)

India : Support to Training and Employment program for women (STEP) through life skills education

Berufsschulzentrum für die Menschen in Odisha, Phase II

India : Vocational training centre for the people of Odisha, Phase II

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