Full education

The Full Education program will ensure that 280 of the most resource poor children in rural areas of Battambang province have access to education by removing the financial barriers that prevent them from enrolling and succeeding in public.


The Full Education Project addresses the barriers to a meaningful primary and secondary education. Firstly, the education advocacy initiative supports CFI’s 280 students to enroll in and continue their public school education. To reduce the financial burdens that prevent low-income students from attending public school, CFI provides those students with books, school supplies, enrollment fees, and uniforms. Additionally, CFI provides bicycles to students living in remote areas, who would otherwise have to walk several hours to and from school each day. Secondly, CFI provides students with a supplemental education through an afterschool program at the CFI Learning Center. Thirdly, CFI provides English and computer courses for high school student.   

BASAID contribution

12 400 CHF

Local contribution

CFI Mitarbeitergehälter, administrative Einrichtungen, operationale Ausgaben, Daten- und Kommunikationskosten, Ausstattung für die Mitarbeiter, Heizung und Klimaanlage und Energie

Local Partner

Children’s Future International


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