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Support and education for poor and visually impaired

20, partly visually impaired people, will be be supported to initiate income-generating activities


In Lomé, Togo, the organization CITOYENS DU MONDE helps more than 200 visually impaired people with literacy, family planning, business planning and legalrights / obligations . BASAID supports the efforts with books (literacy, maths, family planning and business education), school material, consultations with the ophthalmologist, and obtaining birth certificates. In addition, 20 visually impaired people will receive starting capital of 45 Euro each to initiate income-generating activities.

BASAID contribution


Local contribution

volunteer work Citoyens du Monde

Local Partner

Citoyens du Monde,  Acteurs Réunis


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  • Basaid: Ursula Bodendorf


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