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Training for Life

Training for life project aims to give high-school and university students the training and qualification that will enable them to enter into employment through vocational trainings and professional internship program.   


The Training for life includes an internship program for university students, which is competency-based ensuring that young people are prepared for their career with transferable employment skills. It includes shadowing, 1:1 on-site mentoring, process of self-reflection and final year-end group project. Interns are provided with a stipend that allows students to continue their university education, without the pressure to drop out of school and provide for their family.  For students who choose not to continue with an academic education, CFI advisers will identify the appropriate vocational training so that those students can be self-sufficient after finishing school. CFI covers the enrollment cost of the training.  

BASAID contribution

14600 CHF

Local contribution

22 hours/week of staff time for training and consultation, facilities and work-spaces for interns, laptops and office materials, university tuition for interns. 

Local Partner

Children’s Future International


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  • Basaid: Tsevelmaa Sharkhuu

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