Return of 47 families to El Congal

Return of 47 families to the village of El Congal which has been abandoned in the civil war


We support initially 27 and later 47 families  to return to their home village. The village El Congal was occupied during the civil war by the FARC and mines were installed. After the recent removal of the mines 9 families moved back to their village but still need support. The building and the infrastructure like water, electricity and the roads need to be put in place again. Also, help is required to support the farmers' claims to the government and other organizations.

BASAID contribution

2016: CHF 29'455; 2017: CHF 27400

Local contribution

2016: CHF 341'273; 2017: CHF 289'091
(This high amount results from support of the government)

Local Partner

Fundación Apoyar


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  • Basaid: Matthias Streib, Adolfo Prieto


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