Adapted agriculture for 1,250 families

Improvement of the  financial basis of the families by the introducion of an adapted agriculture

Angepasste Landwirtschaft bei 1250 Familien


Broad education program for farmers of 49 villages (1,250 families) for improving the use of their land. The courses cover seed selection, fertilizer selection, treatment of insect plagues, growing herbs and medicinal plants, and growing vegetables. The courses are accompanied by handbooks. Additionally, seeds and the plants for the first crop are given to the farmers at no cost.

BASAID contribution

€ 89,997 

Local contribution

€ 57,185 

Local Partner

Associación para el Desarrolo Sostenible de la Mancomunidad Huista, A. C. (ADSOSMHU)


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  • Basaid:

    Adolfo Prieto,  Hans W. Barz


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