Cocoa growing

Improvement of cocoa farmers income.

Anbau Schokolade


The income of 350 cocoa growing families will be raised by:
  • improving the quality of the cocoa
  • production of high quality chocolate
  • marketing of the chocolate

BASAID contribution

In 2015: 13,000 CHF und 10,000 CHF as rapid aid for a cocoa drying tunnel

Local contribution

All administrative local operation costs of the cooperative are covered locally.

The drying tunnel is supported by 4,500 CHF locally.

Local Partner

Fundación Fray Domingo de Vico (Contact: Christoph Gempp)



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  • Basaid: M.-J. Krattinger, M. Streib

☛ Less than 5% administrative costs

☛ Over 15783 supported persons

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