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Vacances Positives - Education and health

Health, education and community service project for the Schüler in Agrippa Todzi


In 2016 and 2017 the so called « Vacances Positives Projects » (now Health, Education and Community Service Project for City Youth in Villages) completed a first and second stage of social actions in the village of Agrippa Todzi. The rate of success at CEPD (certificate exam to enter secondary school) 2016-2017 has climbed to 100% for the first time in the village. The teachers are seeing more vivacity in the children than before; the elderly have started taking good measures for hygiene and to prevent sicknesses (result of the sensitisations). Volunteer women are taking care for the children from 3 to 5 years (Kindergarten) however they have no classroom and teach under the trees where they are exposed to the consequences of the weather. In the 2019 project the sensitization will continue and support the building of a little classroom for the youngest.

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