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Donate secondhand glasses and make a difference in Ghana

Our partner Ashanti Development has built an eye clinic in Ghana with all the equipment that a normal optician would expect to have in Europe. Opticians screen the patients' eyes and prescribe spectacles, which are then distributed free of charge


A member of BASAID recently inquired whether sending reading or long-sight glasses to Africa could be a project for BASAID. A short survey showed that a long-standing partner organization in Ghana, Ashanti Development, based in London, operates an eye clinic in the Ashanti region in Gyetiase. Until now, the collection of used glasses has mainly taken place in the UK, with the glasses being competently cleaned and recalibrated by SpecSavers on a voluntary basis. The transport to the eye clinic in Gyetiase was either carried out by members of Ashanti Development when travelling to Ghana or via parcels sent to Ghana. 

There are now several collection points in the Basel area so that BASAID members & friends, and Novartis/Syngenta/Roche employees have the opportunity to send or drop off their old glasses. The collection campaign will run until the end of July 2021, with the aim of delivering hundreds of pairs of glasses to Ghana by December 2021 at the latest.

BASAID contribution

All types of spectacles were collected until July 31 2021. 
The aim is to keep a large supply in Ghana so that the clinic can provide any prescription required.

We collected more than 2.000 secondhand sun/prescription glasses!

Local contribution

The Ashanti clinic, not only prescribes and allocates glasses but also performs e.g. cataract operations. Volunteers travelling to Ghana often carry spectacles to the clinic in their suitcases or otherwise they occasionally pay for them to be transported by sea.

Local Partner

Ashanti Development was set up in 2005, when London-based Ghanaians asked their friends and neighbours for help to improve the lives of people in their home villages -


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