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Soda well for 1,200 residents

Soda well is required to enable clean drinking water for 1,200 residents of Sossou Gbeve

Sodbrunnen für 1200 Bewohner in Sossou Gbeve, Togo


In the village Sossou Gbeve there was no drinking water facility. The women had to fetch water from a water hole 2-3 km away. The partially polluted water was leading to illnesses and child mortality. The well which was built with the support of BASAID and AED is covered in order to avoid pollution. The 1200 inhabitants of the village have now access to a clean water facility.

BASAID contribution

11'000 CHF

Local contribution


Local Partner

AED Togo


  • Basaid: Catherine Afatsawo

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☛ Over 15783 supported persons

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