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Soda well for 1800 residents in Avegame, Togo

Construction of a Soda well for 1800 residents in Avegame, Togo 


The beneficiaries of this project are the inhabitants of the village of AVEGAME. The estimated 1800 inhabitants located in the canton Tokpli, YOTO Prefecture, live currently without a clean water supply. The project foresees the construction of a large diameter well protected by a lid or clasp and equipped winch system. This well will be bored in reinforced concrete; it will have a width of 1.80 meters in diameter with a rim of 15 cm thick and a depth of 40 meters. In order to ensure the sustainability of the project the establishment of a water committee is planned. Each household will contribute financially monthly an amount accessible by all to ensure the maintenance of the well.

BASAID contribution

10700 CHF

Local contribution


Local Partner

Association d'Entraide et de Développment AED


  • Basaid: Catherine Afatsawo    


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