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Medical library for a nurse and midwife school

Medical library for a nurse and midwife school to improve the education of the apprentices.


Many pregnant women in Congo give birth in their rural villages, frequently without medical assistance. The  goal of the „Center for the improvement of Health  (Centre pour la promotion de la Santé de Kango-Mayumbe, CPS) is, that every women gets assistance from a well-trained   midwife or nurse to help in case of any complication and avoid risks for the mother and  child. To enable a good education a good medical library, which is adapted to the situation in Congo, is necessary for the nurse and midwife schools. The CSP has assembled a medical library containing 460 books, which are adapted to the situation in the country and should be distributed to every nurse / midwife school in Congo. The experience has shown that in average students with access to the library achieved higher marks in the final examination, demonstrating the benefits.

BASAID contribution

CHF 1,800

Local contribution


Local Partner

Centre pour la promotion de la  Santé de Kango-Mayumbe, CPS


  • Basaid: Ursula Bodendorf

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