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Apprenticeship in Lome

Support 15 boys during their mechanics apprenticeship in Lome, Togo 


Lomé is a city where motorcycles and bicycles are the most used means of travel. The project aims to support fifteen young people (16-22 years) who cannot pay the material and tool boxes which they need for their 2-3 year apprenticeship. With the education of the craft of two-wheeled mechanics they will be able to thrive and earn a living themselves in order to escape the social vices and drifts.
Feedback from Togo: 

A widow of 5 children wished to express all her appreciation and gratitude for the support one of her sons has received. She is very happy with this opportunity for her son to support the family in the future. She thought that the people of BASAID are in Togo and she wanted to come to say her sincere thanks.

BASAID contribution

5100 CHF

Local contribution

1500 CHF (27%)

Local Partner

Acteurs Reunis


  • Basaid: Daniela Gabriel

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