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Traditional weaving and agriculture

Support of 30 young people for agriculture and traditional weaving of KETEH in Dassahoun Ando, Togo

Landwirtschaft und traditionelles Weben


Agriculture, farming and traditional weaving of Keteh are three main income-generating activities. However, due to difficult climate and soil conditions, many young people leave the villages and move to the city. The main objective of this project is to prevent the youth from leaving the village by giving them opportunities to create a sustainable business and generate funds to care for the families. Thirty young people who are excellent in the job but lacking resources will be supported to start generating income and become independent.

Letter of thanks from the canton chief DANSAHOUN

We humbly come to you with deep gratitude to testify to you our sincere thanks for all the benefits you have provided to the young people of the various villages that make up our canton. 
Landwirtschaft und traditionelles Weben

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