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Building completion SUBA Centre

Building completion for the training of women to seamstresses


The SUBA Center in Keur Massar, Senegal, offers qualified seam training in a cultural center. Concerts also take place, which make SUBA Center a social point of contact and a place of cultural integration. The education of the seamstresses is an important building block for the livelihood of the families of the apprentices and a contribution to securing the school education of their children. There are currently 20 women in training.

A first floor shall be added on top of the ground floor, providing three additional class rooms. Thus SUBA Centre would be able to train three times more students in their sewing classes (60 vs. 20).

BASAID contribution

Financial Support 15'000 CHF

Local contribution

Building labour and providing training and materials

Local Partner

SUBA Centre, Senegal (Kontakt: Pape Dieye)


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  • Basaid: Maira Frisch

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