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Education for the village Mballam

Development and education for the village Mballam in Cameroon


Development and education for the village Mballam in Kamerun- 5’000 CHF-
The pygmies or forest people is the oldest population group of the equatorial and tropical forests of Africa. The families of the village Mballan were forced 50 years ago to move close to the street. The village has 277 inhabitants and they live from hunting, fishing and agriculture (cassava, maize, maize, peanut, plantain). In order to allow some students a higher education the project aims to provide scholarships for five years to young talented pygmies. This 5 Year project was extended by adding agricultural support for generating income and securing food supply.  In June 2020 more than 20 men and women joined a group and created a cacao plantation. They raised the plants themselves in a tree nursery in 2019.  

BASAID contribution

5000 CHF

Local contribution

It is planned that the students return during and after their studies to their village to educate children and adults.

Local Partner



  • Basaid: Daniela Gabriel

☛ Less than 5% administrative costs

☛ Over 15783 supported persons

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