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Literacy of 350 women on the outskirts of Lomé

Literacy of 350 women on the outskirts of Lomé to support women who did not receive a school education 


To support women or men who did not receive a school education young volunteers from several neighborhoods organized a training of reading and writing.  Ca 300 women and a few men are in six training centers on the outskirts of Lomé of which only half of them have the books and tools necessary to follow the course properly. In addition, many women lack a birth certificate. The project foresees to support the training by the purchase of books for 200 women/men and birth certificates for 100 women in order to allow graduation. With the successful training of reading and writing, women will be able to read a medical prescription and perform bank transfers which they cannot do right now. The project also includes a grant of 50 CHF to support 50 women in small businesses e.g. selling charcoal, water bags, cans, fruits and vegetables. This fund is planned to help overcome the socio-economic crisis because of COVID-19.

BASAID contribution

9000 CHF

Local contribution

ca. 300 CHF (4%)

Local Partner

Acteurs Reunis


  • Basaid: Daniela Gabriel

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