Basaid Board of Directors announcement

Basaid Board of directors has recently announced the appointment of Mara Fornaro as president of BASAID, effective June 6, 2017.
Mara’s key responsibilities are to represent BASAID both externally and internally which includes managing external stakeholders and presiding over the Board of Directors.

It was also announced the appointment of two Vice-Presidents: Estelle Roth and Hans Barz, also effective June 6, 2017. 

Basaid thanks the former Board of Directors, especially, Helga Schmidt, Christoph Labhart and Giovanni Bonavia for their contributions to BASAID over the last years.  Without their outstanding work and remarkable efforts, BASAID would not be as successful as it is today.  Basaid wishes them all the best for the future and jointly express their deepest gratitude.

For more details about BASAID’s new Board of Directors,  please view their biographies, attached.

Basaid BoD

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Download this file (BoD Biography 2017.pdf)Basaid BoD Biographies204 kB

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