Our Mission:

BASAID – Basic Aid for a better life and a better future

We are a trust-based non-profit organization of volunteers

We support underserved communities

We focus on four strategic and sustainable pillars: agriculture, water & sanitation , healthcare and education

What is Basaid ?

BASAID is a charitable organisation that supports small projects around the world through direct development aid.

The name BASAID, short for Basic Aid, describes BASAID’s main purpose, the support of small projects that address the basic needs of local communities and enables them to help themselves.  The current BASAID organisation was founded in 1996 by the merger of CIBAID (founded in 1978 by Heini Striebel) and BASAID (founded in 1979 by Hans Zihlmann).  It is the association of employees formed after the Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz merger created Novartis.

How does BASAID run projects?

BASAID evaluates project proposals against a number of common criteria that are evaluated by each of the four regional groups.The board reviews the projects that are nominated by the regional groups and proposes them to the general assembly for approval. Once a project is accepted by the general assembly, a project manager is responsible for the implementation of the project together with the support of a local partner. Delivery of periodic progress reports by the project manager is a prerequisite for continued financial support.

What are BASAID's priorities?

  • BASAID provides financial support directly rather than through intermediary organisations.
  • BASAID’s projects are mainly in the areas of guaranteeing water supply, provision of medical support and promotion of education.
  • BASAID’s projects tend to concentrate on improvements in rural areas. The concentration on a few regions promotes efficient project control.
  • BASAID stipulates that technical improvements be aligned with the local situation.
  • BASAID projects should include an element of education as a means to support self-help.

How is BASAID financed?

The lion’s share of BASAID’s financial resources comes from regular member contributions. Novartis doubles all member contributions. Additionally, BASAID runs bazaars.  The proceeds from the bazaars provide a moderate financial
contribution but more importantly, the bazaar provides a platform for displaying craft products from the countries where BASAID runs projects. BASAID also receives interest income from the Lehman Fund which flows directly into supporting projects.  A further source of funding comes from employee donations at retirement, special anniversaries and from legacies.

☛ Less than 5% administrative costs

☛ Over 15783 supported persons

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