Indian Subcontinent

Ausbau der Gewerbeschule in Pokhara, Nepal

Education : Vocational centre in Pokhara, Nepal

Verbesserung der Infrastruktur im Distriktspital von Taplejung, Nepal

Healthcare : Improved health facilities at a district hospital, Nepal

Gewerbeschule in Odisha, Indien

Education : Vocational training centre for the people of Odisha, India

Ausbildung für Mädchen, Indien

Education : Education for girls, India

Trinkwasser für unterprivilegierte Dhalit und Stammesvölker, Indien

Water : Access to safe drinking water in Andhra Pradesh, India

Making health a reality for the people of Odisha

Healthcare : Making health a reality for the people of Odisha, India

Bau Schulgebäude

Education : School building

Verbesserung der Infrastruktur einer Schule für behinderte Kinder – Indien

Education : Supporting the infrastructure of a school for handicapped children, India

Clean Protected Drinking Water

Water : Drinking water through hand pump bore-wells

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